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A kitchen is subject to enormous strains and stresses every day like no other piece of furniture. This is why we, as kitchen professionals, only use first-class branded products that guarantee quality and durability.
The high-quality surfaces are very easy to care for and largely insensitive to dirt. In order to retain the high value of your kitchen in the long term, you should care for your kitchen both regularly and in the correct way.

Our instructions for use and care are based on the AMK Kitchen Companion care guide. They serve as information for consumers, retailers and installers.

Tips for use Care tips Material compendium

As you can see, kitchen maintenance is not rocket science. And you do not need a whole arsenal of chemical substances to tackle stains. In most cases, a mild commercially available household cleaner and a soft cloth or chamois will help, as described. For more specific information on the individual care of your kitchen, see the instructions for use supplied by the manufacturers of the worktops, appliances, and accessories. As with all dirt, it is important that you remove the stains quickly; you will then be able to enjoy your new fitted kitchen for a very long time. This user information from the AMK contains recommendations for cleaning and maintaining kitchen furniture. They are based on laboratory tests and practical experience, and reflect the current state of the art. If in doubt, do a test on an inconspicuous part of the furniture to establish whether the cleaning agent you are using is damaging the surface. We do not claim that the user information is exhaustive, because there will always be new materials on the market that could not be taken into account here. For this reason, please always observe the product information as well as the instructions for use and care provided by the manufacturers of your kitchen equipment!

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