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Fastening brackets for wall and open shelf units

  • Concealed all-metal fasteners
  • 3D adjustable from unit interior

CLIPtop hinge with soft cushioning as standard

  • BLUMOTION softstop function integrated in hinge
  • All-metal, self-closing
  • Doors close softly and quietly
  • Opening angle 110°
  • Toolless assembly
  • 3-dimensional adjustment

Freely suspended units

  • Heavy load fixing for ceiling for freely suspended base and tall units.

Glass cupboards & open shelf units

  • Interior and exterior in same colour
  • Wood fronts with wood rabbet strip in same colour
  • Lacquer fronts with lacquered rabbet strip in same colour
  • Open shelf units with material 19 mm thick
  • Finishes in decor, veneer, velvet lacquer, high-gloss lacquer
  • With adjustable suspension brackets

Adjustable shelves

  • Material 19 mm thick
  • Edging on 4 sides protects against moisture
  • Very good impact protection thanks to thick front edge
  • Height of discreet metal shelf support pegs adjustable
  • Transport lock device provided by pin hole in shelf and with clip fastener system for glass shelves

Plinth system

  • Impact-resistant synthetic material
  • Adjustable -5/+20 mm
  • Clip fastener system for easy plinth panel assembly
  • Plinth drawers and steps can be fitted from 155 mm
  • Plastic sealing lip protects plinth panel against moisture

Height dimensions

Depth dimensions

Push to open

  • Mechanical opening system for pull-outs or side hinged doors
  • Electric opening system for pull-outs, apothecary units and fridge doors in addition to lift-up and upward folding doors.


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