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These legal notices refer to the generally accessible webpages offered here by Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH, but not however to pages of other suppliers that can be accessed via links from these webpages.


Contents of the online services
Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH endeavours to ensure that the contents on these webpages are up to date, complete and accurate. All contents are carefully checked on being published on these webpages and at regular intervals thereafter. Since information may however be subject to rapid changes, the contents are not necessarily always up to date, accurate and complete. Hence, Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH cannot accept any liability whatsoever for the up-to-dateness, accuracy, completion or quality of the information provided. Consequently, no liability claims against Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH shall arise through damages of a material or immaterial kind that are caused by use of or failure to use the information provided and/or by use of incorrect and incomplete information. A claim shall arise only if Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH can be verifiably proven to have acted either wilfully or in gross negligence.

All the offers made on these webpages are subject to change and are non-binding. The entire web content or only parts thereof may be changed, amended or deleted by Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH without prior notice. Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH shall furthermore reserve the right to temporarily or definitively cease publication of this web content.

References and links
These web pages may contain direct or indirect references ("links") to webpages of other suppliers, the contents of which are not necessarily authorised and/or constantly monitored by Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH. A liability obligation shall only arise in the event that Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH has knowledge of the contents and it is technically possible and reasonable for Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH to prevent use in case of illegal contents. Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH hereby expressly assures that at the time of link insertion, no illegal contents were noticeable on the pages to which the links were to be made. Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH does not have any influence whatsoever over the current and future layout, the contents or the authorship of the linked/referenced pages. Consequently, Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH hereby expressly distances itself from all contents of all linked/referenced pages that were modified after the links were inserted. This statement is valid for all links and cross-references within the own website and for external entries in the guestbooks, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and in particular for damages caused by use or failure to use information offered in this manner, solely the provider of the page to which reference was made shall be liable and not the person merely making reference to the respective publication by means of links.

Legal effect of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the website from which referral to this page was made. Should parts or individual wordings of this text not, no longer or not fully comply with currently applicable law, all remaining sections of the document shall remain unaffected in terms of their content and validity.

Copyright and trademark law
All the brand names and trademarks mentioned within the website and possibly protected by third-party rights are unlimitedly subject to the provisions of the respectively applicable labelling law and the rights of possession of the respective registered owners. The conclusion is not to be drawn solely on the basis of mere mention that brand names are not protected by third-party rights!

Copyright for published objects produced by Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH itself remains solely with Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH. Reproduction or use of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the written consent of Hofemeier Einbauküchen GmbH.

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